Suri Females - Our Foundation Herd 





WF Strawberry Deelite

Sire: LW Strawberry Field - Dam: A Peruvian Deelite

Date of Birth: June 22, 2006 - ILR # 268995

Strawberry is a very pretty paint suri girl with supper silky locks. Her sire, LW Strawberry Field was syndicated for $ 100,000. A pretty strong indicator that breeders would invest in his offspring. With Strawberry's strong genetics (both parents suri) we anticipate that her crias will be of great value in helping us achieve our long range breeding goals.We have bred Strawberry for a 2013 cria hoping for a 'very special' little one to grace our fields. Strawberry's full body photo is illustrated above.




M.R.S. Charmed One 

Sire: Bolivian Taylor Made - Dam: Hilcrest Tavia

Date Of Birth: July 31 2006 - ILR # 269364

Charm is a beautiful paint suri that boasts a heritage of winners in the show ring. Her sire was Parkland Breeders Sweepstakes Grand Champion Male, 2003 and her dam Hilcrest Tavia was Llama Extravaganza's Heavy Wool Grand Champion Female 2000. Tavia also secured a second place title in the Chinook Challenge 2001 for the Heavy Wool Yearling Female. Charm's full sister sold at the Celebrity Sale in 2009 for $ 7,500 one of the highest selling females. Charm has a wonderful temperment that has been passed along to her first cria, Phantom Lady. What a cutie!


WF's Deeliteful

Sire: Chilean GTO - Dam: A Peruvian Deelite

Date of Birth: July 24, 2007 - ILR # 275840 

What a gentle suri lady. Deeliteful is a pleasure to have in our foundation herd. She is a great Mom and presented us with a colourful little suri girl last fall from WF High Gear - a Maserati son. Her Grandsire, Maserati is now residing in France so the opportunity to enjoy his furture offspring is lost to our North American Market , unless of course they are transported from overseas. Deeliteful will allow us to add her valued outcross paternal bloodline to our herd.  Deeliteful will be bred to Northwest Titan this spring.


 WF Sapphire

Sire: Castlerock's Lethal Weapon - Dam: Wyome SSRMT

Date of Birth: July 29, 2007 - ILR # 275807

Sapphire is a very large suri girl, well conformed with a very beautiful head. She is from the Weapon Line that is well known for their temperment and success in the show room. Her first cria was an absolutely stunning suri girl with dazzling colours of steel grey, light grey, white and a few spots of chocolate. GTO certainly created a beauty in this little girl.A specticale for sure, thus her name. Sapphire's suri girl can be viewed under our Cria 2011 page.