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Misty Morn Llamas Website

About Us









Thank you for showing interest in our wonderful Llamas. Our Ontario farm is located in the Whitewater Region of the Upper Ottawa Valley. We entered into the Llama world with four very sweet pet Llamas. Within two years our enjoyment and love of these majestic animals blossomed into a breeding programme with over sixty Llamas. Our foundation herd was selected from internationally known breeders who's legacies denoted some of the highest selling and decorated animals in North America. Our herdsires are descendants from the great Kantu P5, Peruvian Vice, Peruvian Secret Weapon, Chilean Esperanza, SSRMT Leonardo, Argentine Kobra, Argentine Don Zunca, Lux, Peruvian Condori, White Heat, and Papa Noel.

Our Foundation Females we believe to be a wonderful combination of new and proven bloodlines. Please view our site for complete details of our Llamas heritage and accomplishments in the show ring. All of our Show/Breeding Llamas for sale are Internationally registered and come with a guarantee of good health. From time to time we have a selection of Llamas that may be better suited for fibre or pets. Please review our 'Llamas Available' page for our current offerings of the various classifcations. Many of our youngsters are also for sale, please inquire. We offer a variety of support systems for our clients to assist them in gaining experience and knowledge of the care, training and nutritional needs of their new companion(s).
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish additional information. We welcome the opportunity to share our love of these wonderful animals with all. Give us a call and come for a farm visit. Join us for an educational tour and visit our little shop to bring home your very own Cuddle Plush Toy Llama and other Llama related products.
Llamas are known the world over for their versatility, calm exposure, intelligence and their majestic presence.


 "Be Part of the Experience"  





Northern Reflections Eclipse - Herdsire
Vick by the Pond
& Karen with Phantom Lady
Our Century Farm House, Front Pasture/Misty Morn Farms

  Photographer: Vick Barylak 
Thanks Vick, your photos really capture the beauty of our barnyard family.
Please note that most of our photos are under copyright, please contact us should you wish to use them for reference purposes.